Safe Gambling

As a starter player of online gambling, two questions might always be in your mind when accessing a new site. Perhaps, you’re wondering if the platform is safe or if you may develop an addiction while trying out too many games.

These thoughts are normal since you’ve seen years of disputes on the internet and television about whether gambling is good or not. Many players realised that when playing with a limit, gambling is actually a good thing. Yet, some still stay away from it, even though it’s a thriving industry. These people don’t know about great factors such as responsible and safe gambling. Those who have already dipped their toes in casino games know that in order to have a successful experience, they have to play for a reasonable amount of time and make only smart choices.

So is gambling safe? We’re here to tell you that it is if used for the right reasons, such as having fun in your spare time. Don’t transform this entertaining activity into a side hassle to create an income. In essence, gambling is harmless, but it has consequences if you use it in excess. Thus, if you want an exceptional casino experience, keep in mind the following. 

What is a Safe Online Gambling Space?

Safe gambling is not just about the players; it is also about the whole industry, including gamblers, websites, and affiliates too.

As it concerns players, they have to practice responsible gambling, meaning that they should create a specific budget for this activity, stick to it and have a great time. Bear in mind that it’s best not to become obsessive with gambling. Compulsive behaviour will affect your life in a negative way.

When it comes to online casinos, safe gambling refers to transparency, legality, fairness, and also offering reliable sources of entertainment. That means not scamming players.

Regarding affiliates, their duty is to educate the players, promote only reputable and reliable casinos and offer the greatest resources for information. These sources include guides, reviews about casinos and games, and also informative content to help gamblers keep a balance between gaming and real life.

Remember, that problem gambling is not something you see as a prominent symptom. For that reason, we’ve created an extensive list of so-called “symptoms” you should be aware of when suspecting the addiction. Bear in mind that you can always check out the responsible gambling guide to get a complete overview of the issue.

In the unfortunate case you find yourself in similar situations as described, it’s best to look for professional help. There are several specialised websites and phone numbers you can access, yet there are two institutions we recommend.

First is BeGAmble Aware. This organisation will offer you the help you need after you fulfil an assignment to identify the stage of your addiction. After that, professionals will teach you how to combat your struggles and try to put your life back together. Remember that their help is entirely free and confidential.

The following recommendation is GamCare. This organisation offer free information, advice and support, and other services that start with self-help tools and live chat with professional and real treatment.

Before going all in with treatment, try using the self-help tools that every online casino uses. If this might be the first time you’re using them, we’ll discuss some of the common ones below.

Deposit Limits

The first self-help tool you may try is the deposit limit. With this tool, you are able to set a maximum amount to deposit daily, weekly, or monthly to play casino games. If you try to go beyond that limit and deposit more, your requests will be automatically declined.

The smartest choice is to set a budget for gambling and stick to it. Many gamblers found this idea and tool very helpful, allowing them to enjoy their favourite titles without worrying about addiction.

Cooling Off Period

The next tool that you may use before heading to a more permanent option is the Cooling Off Period. This tool will just block your access to the player account for a set period of time.

This option is truly useful to players who want to track the time spent on a gambling site. It also helps them discover how much money they invest in casino games.

The Cooling Off Period is essential to help you focus on the things that matter the most by freezing connections with the gambling world for a time you choose. You’ll be able to gain access to the player account as soon as the period expires. 

Self-Exclusion Option

For some players, a short break from gambling won’t do wonders. Those who struggle with this activity may find the self-exclusion really helpful. This option will offer a long-term break away from gambling activities that range from 6 to 5 years at most online casinos. Keep in mind that once you use this tool, the decision is non-reversible. If you choose this option, you won’t be able to access your player account for the time period you’ve set.

How to Identify Unsafe Gambling Websites?

Registering for a new gambling platform is always a tricky process. You start to wonder yourself if it’s safe or not, and that’s ok. Yet, if you choose one of our recommended sites, you’ll always have a safe environment for your gambling activities. That happens because we only promote legal and trusted online casinos that our professional reviews and checked entirely.

In the following, we’ll help you identify an unsafe online casino to help you protect yourself from fraud. Thus, here are some things safe gambling sites will never do. 

Changing terms often

If you’re experiencing changing terms often, then you're in the wrong place. Reliable casinos will never change their terms without notification. 

Operators who modify their terms and condition without prior notification use this method to  back up their case against a customer. By doing this, they have “evidence” that their customer has done something wrong, so they won’t have to pay.

Given this situation, we always recommend our readers check the terms and conditions and re-check especially when claiming an offer. 

Force bonuses onto players

Another red flag of rigged casinos is forcing bonuses on players. Unreliable platforms will push you to accept promotions or even grant them without your request. They will force you to play a game with a bonus with exaggerated terms and conditions or hard-to-fulfil wagering requirements. As this might be impossible to fulfil, you’ll lose your money.

Have Shady Games

It’s true that some developers created titles that are almost impossible to beat. There are casinos that use these shady games to scam their players by claiming that the games are their own. If you see honest reviews about this sort of casino and it raises alarms, then it’s best to avoid it. 

Not Paying Players

Scammy casinos will refuse to payout your money. That’s why it's important to choose a trustworthy platform. In case you observe that you’ve been playing for a while and haven’t managed to get out funds, then you should stop playing on that site. Just cash out and close your account.

Another question that goes through every player’s mind is “Am I safe using my card on gambling sites?”. Remember this: You are safe as long as the platform you’re about to join is legit and allows you to use whatever payment method you prefer. If they don’t have a proper license or strong SSL encryption, then it’s best not to share your personal information. 

Look for These Elements When Choosing an Online Casino

If you want to join a trustworthy, reliable and safe platform here are the elements you should look for every time. 

  • License: Reputable casinos will never work without a license or several others that work for your jurisdiction.

  • SSL encryption: Protects all your sensitive information such as financial and personal data from being accessed by third parties.

  • Reputation, responsibility, and transparency: Are mandatory to keep a good reputation online. All gambling sites should offer valuable information you can access easily and take responsibility and action whenever necessary.

  • Top software providers: The best online casinos must have an extensive selection of games from top developers in the industry.

  • Different payment methods: Modern banking options such as e-wallets or cryptocurrency should be available at all online casinos. Their customers have the right to choose a favourite for both deposits and withdrawals.

  • Payment limits and time frames: The ideal scenario for players is to have the minimum sum for withdrawal as small as possible and the maximum limit as large as possible.

  • Promotions: Getting rewards at all stages of your gambling story should be a standard. However, before clamming one of those, make sure that the terms and conditions aren’t predatory in any way.

  • Customer support: As a player, you should have access to assistance 24/7 from trained personnel through several support systems such as phone, email or live chat.

  • Accessibility: A mobile-friendly site that is easy to navigate from hand-handled devices will always be a top choice for players that are always on the move.

In conclusion, we’d like to highlight the importance of safe gambling. Remember that is key to a successful casino experience and you should at least make the minimum effort to practice responsible gambling. This way you’ll protect yourself from any unwanted consequences. Thus, while you take care of your journey, we’ll make sure to provide you only with the safest casino environment.